Advertising your boat on facebook

How to easily advertise your boat for sale on Facebook

I’m sure that most people have found the use of facebook groups for buying and selling pretty much everything. I mean where else can you get so many eyes on an item you are trying to sell?  Boats are no different and posting them on facebook is an excellent way to get them out there.  The only problem is that to really get a lot of views, you need to post it in several groups.  This can mean uploading the same pictures and writing the same description over and over again until you have it posted everywhere you want.  We want to make the process a little easier for you.  Register with us and you can post a full page ad with photos and a full description as well as any contact info you want to share, and once your ad is live all you have to do is go to your ad, copy the URL from your browser, and paste it into all the groups you want.  When you post you will have a preview image of your boat, a sample of your boats details, and it links to your full ad on  It should look something like this:



Looks professional and will save you a boatload of time posting!  Hope this was helpful and we look forward to seeing you on BoatSellr!  CLICK HERE to get started!